Sunday, April 30, 2017

No! Not An Alien Abduction... I'm Back!

No... The Dead Relative Collector was not abducted by aliens or felled by an addiction to some new great hobby! Instead, a month of illness followed by a month of travel followed by a month of devoted laziness kept this Genealogist at bay from the blog world.

Fear not. I'm back and ready to share and opine on the world of our crazy and ever changing hobby. As well as continue the quest to reunite lost family items with family to appreciate them!

While The Dead Relative Collector may have appeared to be MIA for the last few months-- I was still pretty involved in genealogy. In March, The Germanic Genealogical Society of Minnesota had Dr. Michael Lacopo, researcher & blogger of Hoosier Daddy fame as the featured speaker for their Spring Meeting. An engaging speaker, whose wealth of knowledge is pertinent to any researcher, Lacopo always delivers. If you've yet to experience one of his lectures, you should actively work to change that!

Earlier this month, the Minnesota Genealogical Society had their Spring Conference, with a "Melting Pot" theme, where the various specialty groups affiliated with MGS, shared various aspects of their groups. From German & Norwegian research to DNA Interest-- there was something for everyone.

Besides continuing education & planning for upcoming workshops & conferences -- I also continued to evaluate DNA results and try to get organized with my overflowing mountain of paper (slow work in progress).

So between research, family visits & conferences-- there is always something genealogical awaiting me!  Well on our way into Spring, has me dying to tackle cleaning & organizing my home office-- and to get busy with some of the never ending & long neglected research projects that I'd hoped to wrap up over a long Minnesota Winter! 

Looking forward to "seeing" more of you all over the coming weeks & months~