Thursday, February 21, 2019

TBT- Johannas Weerts WWII Service

Spotlighting photos from my extensive photo archive
This week it is-

Johannas Weerts [1902-1975]
My Great-Great Uncle

Johannas Weerts was born in rural Martin County, Minnesota the 8th child to Harm & Elizabeth Weerts, who were German immigrant dairy farmers. They had left their home in Ostfreisland (far NW Germany) a decade before & settled in Iowa before relocating to Southern Minnesota.

Shortly after the outbreak of World War I, Johannas moved to rural He continued to reside in the Amenia area and was later married to Clara Cramer in 1943.

He died in 1975 from complications of pneumonia following a broken hip. 

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Lost Photo- David B. Phillips of Ohio

I recently rescued this great cabinet card photo

On the back side in an ancient scrawl, someone wrote 
'David B. Phillips'

After a quick Ancestry search, it appears that there are a couple of potential David B. Phillips who resided in Ohio that are from around the correct era.

Hopefully someone out there has either David in their family... or has a little more research time to devote to tracking down the correct gentleman!

It's really a great photograph and it should be with a genealogist who can treasure it

Thursday, February 14, 2019

TBT- Hiram Maine & Loren Maine "Boxing"

Spotlighting photos from my extensive photo archive
This Week It Is-

Hiram Maine [1904-1979] & Loren Maine [1901-1980]
My Great-Grandfather & His Older Brother

This photo, taken sometime in the early 1910's in rural Cass County, Minnesota was sent by Minnie Maine down to her old neighbors the Hartman's in Southern Minnesota. This fun snapshot of her two youngest sons was likely taken on their farm in Home Brook Township, due to the hats & raised fists, it's pretty much impossible to tell which one is which. 

Hiram would continue to live on that farm the rest of his life, dying in 1979. Loren would eventually move back down to Southern Minnesota and farm in rural Winnebago, later moving into town. He died of cancer a year after his brother. 

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Lost Photo- Emery C. Nelson of Clermont, Iowa

I recently rescued this cabinet card photo from an antique shop.
The back states 
"Compliments of Emory C. Nelson Clermont Iowa"

Emery Clifford Nelson was born 21 Jan 1892 in South Dakota
The son of P.H. Nelson & Guri "Julia" Olson.

About 1900, his mother was remarried to Andrew (Paulson) Jahren and the family was living in Iowa. Research also shows that he had a younger brother Carl Nelson 1898-1967

As his Mother & Step-Father moved to Montana and later California, Emery continued to live in the same household as him, up to at least 1930 where he is listed as a single 38 year old laborer.

Since it seems unlikely that Emery has an descendants of his own at this point, hopefully someone from the family of his brother Carl would treasure this great little photograph.

Friday, February 8, 2019

A Blizzard & A Stay-cation.... What to do?

Here in Southern Minnesota, we've definitely been feeling Winter the last few weeks!

We've had snow and then shockingly (even for us!) cold weather. And now, today, as I write this I can hear the roar of neighboring snow blowers as they clear out from yesterday.... while our Blizzard Warning expired in the night, the temperature is currently -10 and we're in a Wind Chill Advisory until at least later today.

Oh Spring... where for art thou?

Lucky for me, I'm on vacation from work for a couple of weeks... enjoying a "stay-cation" even though I wish I was frolicking on a warm sunny tropical beach somewhere, as I was last February. And yesterday, listening to the howl of the wind I just had no motivation to tackle the dull house chores that piled up all week....

So, what did I do??

First, I did some extensive searches on Ebay to see what genealogical books were out their for both my family surnames and locations of interest! Then I headed over to the New England Historic Genealogical Society where they have a huge listing of Used Books for Sale, as well as the personal genealogy page for Dr. Michael Lacopo (Hoosier Daddy) who has an ever changing list of books for sale from the excess duplicates of his own collection.

Of course I found a number of books that I decided I MUST have! And now I'm eagerly awaiting their arrival, hopefully a few of them get here by next week when we're forecast to receive another huge Winter storm (insert some combination of sobbing/angry emoji here).

In addition to the book hoarding that I engaged in, I also took the opportunity to research a number of different societies & associations that I have interest in joining. Some societies have specific renewal dates (often the first of a new year) and I found quite a few that I want to join and organized them based on renewal dates.

I did join The Rhode Island Genealogical SocietyThe New Hampshire Society of Genealogists, and The Sandwich Historical Society (Carroll Co, NH) right off the bat, with their easy to join on-line application. And also printed off forms for those that require checks sent via snail mail.

Today, I'm going to putter my way through the rest of the list... I have a few family associations I want to explore and they require more in-depth forms as lineage is required. 

I'm still lingering over coffee this morning... stalling in my snow removal responsibilities, and just enjoying the morning. The sun streaming in the windows is misguiding, but still a nice addition to this frigid day.

Time to refill my coffee and then on to tackle the filling in of some paper applications.

What are you doing this Winter Friday? Perhaps you're a lucky one enjoying warm weather someplace?
What genealogical tasks await you this coming weekend?

Thursday, February 7, 2019

TBT- Arthur Blair as a Young Child

Spotlighting photos from my extensive photo archive
This week it is-

Arthur Blair [1891-1962]

First cousin to my Great-Grandmother Laura (Nelson) Maine

Arthur Blair was born 15 June 1891 in Bancroft Township, Freeborn County, Minnesota, the 5th and final child of William Blair & Sarah Nelson. 

Art and his sister Nellie were the only children to live to adulthood, as the oldest 3 children died of illness before reaching 2 years of age. Their mother Sarah was the oldest child of Ole Nelson & Mary Rosetta Grinolds, who were early residents of Freeborn County, Minnesota. After their 1876 elopement, William & Sarah moved throughout Southern Minnesota before eventually settling in Richland County, North Dakota.

He was married to Bess Brown and they would gone on to have 6 children, and continue to live in rural Richland County.

Sadly, Art & his youngest son were involved in an automobile accident on 3 July 1962, his son dying instantly. A hospitalized Art passed away the following day from complications of his injuries. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

2019 Genealogical "To Do" List vs "Resolutions"

Like millions of people each New Year, I have my own list of resolutions that I craft every year. For a few years, I have specialized in making a number of genealogical specific resolutions that I continually fail to meet… each and every year.

This is actually a source of quite a bit of embarrassment for me, as I recall fondly the time (some years ago) when I was super organized and on top of all my projects. So, for 2019, I decided instead of calling them "resolutions" and dooming them to certain failure, I will call this my "To Do List," which sounds more like something that has a final end date (in my lifetime!).

We're already closing in on the final days of January, so our first month of the New Year is nearly over! Unfortunately, within the first 5 days of January, I came down with a nasty cold/cough/sinus ailment that took nearly 3 weeks to resolve.... so I feel a little behind in my "to do" activities. And now, this week, like much of Northern sections of the USA, here in Minnesota we're pretty much shut down with dangerously cold weather. So, what a perfect time for tackling a few genealogical related tasks.... like finally get this posting published!

My 2019 Genealogy To Do List is comprised of 8 important goals/tasks that I would like to put energy into, in the coming year. Some of these 8 goals are similar in theme, but I still consider them a separate branch of their own

1. Organization~ FINALLY!
Like every genealogist, I battle with getting organized. A long long LONG term problem. Extra frustrating, because I remember the days of being ultra-organized. I've put some big projects & research opportunities on hold, because I am not just sure what I have and what I need yet. And I'm also hesitant to take on something that will add further to my "piles." I've already began sorting paper piles & going through my file cabinet. Making new folders & purging some no longer needed/out dated resources.

2. Photos- Photos- Photos
I'm very fortunate to have a large photo archive of several thousand photographs! But I need to get them scanned, labeled, organized & properly stored. How can one appreciate a great photo that is buried in a big tote of other photos. This is a perfect Winter project and I look forward to getting to it.

3. Documentation
Sadly, I got sloppy with documentation at different times in my research over the past 25+ years. I have many documents that I need to create proper citations for. Related to other goals, such as Organization & Examining Brick Walls, shoring up my documentation will go hand in hand. Also, it is important to stay diligent with it, so I'm not right back to square one before I know it!

4. Coming Certified
I've thought long and hard for some time about applying to become a Certified Genealogist® , and have decided that 2019 is my year! I have great confidence in my abilities and once I triumph over my battle with clutter & mess, I'll have even more time and space to work on this very important part of my genealogical path.

5. Re-Examine Brick Walls
Like most genealogists, I have a number of Brick Walls... Okay, in all honesty, I have a TON of brick walls. And I'm long over due to revisit some of them. I know that I missed things the first few times around, as well as the fact that countless new resources become available each and every day. Once I'm better organized, I'll know more of what I have and be able to thoroughly and smartly examine each case.

6. DNA
In the years since I took my DNA test, and then subsequently had 6 other relatives tested, the tests I admininster have hundreds and thousands of matches, and it's time to really break down those results and figure out who's who & why. 

7. Writing
In 2018, I got lazy with blogging as well as writing other articles and case studies. Not only do I enjoy it, but it's been a great help in furthering my genealogy research. So, I'm planning on many more frequent blog posts here, as well as beginning to work on some new articles for consideration in other genealogical publications. The genealogy lectures and speaking engagements I partook in during the last year, were a lot of fun! I need to work on presentations for a couple of other topics I've been sketching out, as well as fine tune and update other lectures I've given and continue to present. 

8. Continuing Education
This is always something I strive for each year! And it's probably the one "resolution" that historically I've excelled at. So for 2019, I plan to continue my stellar track record, and keep attending the genealogy conferences I'm able to. I also watch webinars on topics I find relate to my genealogy, as well as enjoy regular podcast listening to keep my in the loop of the news in our field. 

So, this large "to do" list feels daunting at times, but ultimately it's a continuing work in progress. I'm fine tuning where I'm going to focus my genealogy energy the next year, but not expecting any miracles to happen!

What are your Genealogy "To Do's" for 2019?