Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mystery Photo Sunday... Southern Minnesota

Mystery Photo Sunday
I have such a large photo archive... of both relative & non-relative photos... that I've decided to do a weekly spotlight of one the 'mystery photos' in my possession.
This very nice photo, is almost certainly a family portrait...
The middle aged parents with their 6 fine looking children.....
I bought it at a garage sale, because I liked the frame it was in... but have held onto the photo for a few years now, hoping somehow I might return it to someone who would treasure it.
The photo was purchased in Southern Minnesota... but that certainly doesn't mean it was taken here... or that the subjects lived here.... The photo was trimmed away from the cardboard folder, so there isn't even a photographers name/city stamped on it.
Hopefully someday, someone will recognize this family...
I wish it was mine!

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