Sunday, May 15, 2016

Mystery Photo- Annie Lee of Mankato, MN

I recently rescued this lovely cabinet card photo

This fine portrait is identified as "Annie Lee" and comes from a Mankato, Minnesota photographer.

I've yet to do any research to look into Annie Lee or her possible family. Perhaps another research familiar with the Lee family can find where she belongs?!

Hopefully someone can claim this wonderful photo for their family archive so she can be returned 'home'!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

TBT- Photos of Yesteryear- Ralph & Minnie Maine

Spotlighting photos from my extensive photo archive
Today it is my Great-Great Grandparents
Ralph & Minnie Maine

Ralph & Minnie Maine with Larrie & baby Thora
about 1899 in Winnebago, MN

Ralph & Minnie Maine were married on Christmas Day 1895, at the home of Minnie's parents in what is now rural Cass County. Ralph & Minnie frequently moved back & forth from Northern Minnesota to Southern Minnesota over the years.

This photo of the young couple was taken around 1899, when Thora was a baby. By Summer, the family had relocated back to Northern Minnesota and had a new baby in the family- Blanche! Three more children- Loren, Hiram & Vernie would follow over the next 8 years.

Ralph died unexpectedly after suffering a stroke in 1939, at the home of his daughter Vernie. Minnie remained on the homestead until her death in 1953.

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Monday, May 9, 2016

I Need An Obituary... What Do I Do?

What?! You're looking for your Great-Grandma's obituary?

  • You're disappointed that you haven't been able to find the actual obituary online?
  • You've posted to your favorite Facebook group for help, to no avail?
  • Do you 'give up' now?
  • NO!

In the prehistoric old days, long before early genealogists could even imagine the "internet" there was still a way to locate Great-Grandma's obituary-- or other items found in a newspaper for example!

And these prehistoric research methods still work today!
Yes... I know... it is a slow process. But it can be done

There are countless genealogical & historical societies across the United States, just awaiting your research request. For a nominal fee, these seasoned researchers will happily assist you in finding Great-Grandma's obituary!

And thanks to the 'internet', researchers can now find these societies with ease! [In prehistoric days, we relied on books filled with these addresses!]

In my never ending effort to be helpful, I have included some of the best compilations of Historical/Genealogical Societies right here:

Of course not every society is listed within these links-- if you cannot find one-- Google searching is always encouraged! Especially with smaller, more rural societies that are often operated solely by a volunteer force. 

Feel free to list any other "society compilations" in the comments section, to share with others that you might know about & use!

Genealogy has become much easier in the last decade-- and with that, the feelings of "instant gratification" that come from finding records immediately... instead of awaiting the postman to bring the coveted answers 2 months later!

So it is important to remember that there are many resources out there, in fact far more, than on Ancestry or FamilySearch-- and this applies to not only Great-Grandma's obituary-- but also many other records that are found in archive repositories & courthouses!

We all want it "Right Now"... But don't forget your genealogical options outside of your computer!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mystery Photo- Jessie Stowe Scott of South Dakota

I recently rescued this very nice cabinet card photo from a garage sale--- for $1.00. 
It's from a Blue Earth, Minnesota photography studio-- circa 1890.

Someone had written 'Jessie Stowe Scott' on the backside... and a little research found that Jessie Stowe was born in Elmore, MN on 3 December 1885, the daughter of John & Ellen Stowe. 

It seems that the family eventually moved to Hecla, South Dakota. She had a younger sister Marion Stearns and Jessie married William Scott in 1906, and they had a son- Preston Scott (died in 1969).  Jessie died in 1972 and her Findagrave memorial has a pretty detailed obituary... and it seems that she may have a Grandson living on the West Coast.

It would be wonderful to reunite this great photo with a family member who will appreciate &  treasure it!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mystery Wedding Photo- Peoria, Illinois area

This early marriage portrait is from a Peoria, Illinois photography studio

It is very likely that someone in this photo (if not everyone) is somehow connected to the Weber or Krumholz families, who lived outside of Peoria in the Pekin and Metamora areas.

Hopefully someday, we'll be able to identify this mystery wedding portrait