Sunday, June 4, 2017

Lost Heirloom- Gertrude Stefanski Certificate

I recently rescued this framed Communion certificate from an estate sale.

Gertrude Stefanski was born in 1909, near East Chain, Martin County, Minnesota, She was the daughter of Vincent & Hedwig (Charnecki) Stefanski. 

Married to Elmer Schroeder, they would have 2 children who died in infancy, leaving no direct descendants. Gertrude died in 2010, at 100 years of age.

Hopefully, there is someone out there, possibly family from her 2 brothers or 2 sisters, that would treasure & appreciate the piece of family memorabilia


  1. Lovely Nicholas, I have several of those on my wall. One was found for a pittance at Goodwill.

  2. I posted a link to this on a Facebook page called, You know you’re from Fairmont..... and several people in there knew whereabouts of her descendants.