Sunday, February 10, 2019

Lost Photo- Emery C. Nelson of Clermont, Iowa

I recently rescued this cabinet card photo from an antique shop.
The back states 
"Compliments of Emory C. Nelson Clermont Iowa"

Emery Clifford Nelson was born 21 Jan 1892 in South Dakota
The son of P.H. Nelson & Guri "Julia" Olson.

About 1900, his mother was remarried to Andrew (Paulson) Jahren and the family was living in Iowa. Research also shows that he had a younger brother Carl Nelson 1898-1967

As his Mother & Step-Father moved to Montana and later California, Emery continued to live in the same household as him, up to at least 1930 where he is listed as a single 38 year old laborer.

Since it seems unlikely that Emery has an descendants of his own at this point, hopefully someone from the family of his brother Carl would treasure this great little photograph.


  1. I think it's important to find and share labeled photographs. Now, if someone could just find and share photos of *my* people! :)

  2. My findings from seeking a living descendant: Emory DID NOT have a brother. Emory DID marry. Or at least, Emory and Ina E. Landweer told others they did and lived as husband and wife.

    The 1900 census lists Emory, his mom, and step-father; but no brother Carl. The 1900 census sheet lists Emory’s mom as the mother of one child, one child still living. The 1910 census lists Emory, his mom, and step-father. Carl is listed as a BOARDER. The 1910 census sheet lists Emory’s mom as the mother of one child, one child still living. Carl was not Emory’s brother but may be a cousin. More research needed.

    The 1930 census [San Luis Obispo Co. CA] lists Emory. Also, the 1930 census [Santa Clara Co. CA] lists Emory as a “lodger” in the household of Ina Landweer, both single with the note “married April 19th 1930”. The official date for the census was April 1, 1930. The 1940 census [San Luis Obispo Co. CA] lists Emory, married, living alone. The 1940 census [San Mateo Co. CA] lists Ina E. Nelson as household head, 40 years old, and married. Living with Ina was: Johanna Landweer, mother, 70 years old, widowed.

    The 1942 World War II draft registration of Emory lists Ina as the person who will always know his address. Emory’s address is PO Box 47, Oceano, San Luis Obispo Co. CA. Ina’s address is Rt. 1 Box 939, Menlo Park CA.

    I found no official documentation that Emory and Ina married or divorced and no indication of any children. 1910 census birth locations for Carl and his parents hint that Carl may be a cousin of Emory.

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