Sunday, January 22, 2012

Two Decades of Genealogy

I became interested in genealogy as a 5th grader, when I had a do a miniature family tree for school. My parents knew very little, if nothing of their ancestors... So I called my Grandparents... Who really didn't know much more.  I kept my little notebook with my family notes and over the next couple of years, I made little additions when I'd see family members.

When I was 12 years old, I found a name on a gravestone... and I wondered who that person was and how they were related to me.  I took my information and went to our local museum, where a seasoned genealogist found the info I was seeking and sparked in me a real desire to find out more... not only did she spark interest in me, but she gave me information on how to get started... and get started I did!

I started my quest before computers and the internet were common place... back when a genealogist had to write a letter and send it snail mail and wait with baited breath for a response that may or may not come!

There is something quaint about those days before and the weekend warrior genealogists. It is easy to download 300 years of lineage, but writing letters, searching for documents, and obtaining proof is so rewarding!  Don't get me wrong though, I am a huge supporter of internet genealogy and all the great resources out there!

We've certainly come a long way! And what fun to have resources like Blogs, to bring us together and allow the sharing of hints, problems, questions, breakthroughs, and results with people the world over who share our same interests!  I'm sure looking forward to my next two decades in genealogy!

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