Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mystery Photo Sunday...Gilbert M. Fowler...Mankato, MN

Mystery Photo Sunday

I have such a large photo archive...
Of both relative & non-relative photos... that I've decided to do a weekly spotlight of one the 'mystery photos' in my possession.
William L. Bayer & Gilbert M. Fowler

According to the brief search I conducted...
Gilbert MacKnight Fowler was born in 1910, in Mankato, Blue Earth Co, Minnesota...
the son of Sam & Mildred (Fletcher) Fowler.
He died 5 years after this photo, in 1957... in Sacramento, California.
This original photo came in a box of miscellaneous ephemera I bought at an auction... most of it seemed related to the Fletcher family.  I would love to return this photo to a family member who would treasure it!

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