Sunday, April 27, 2014

-- TechTrek Genealogy Conference

Tech Trek Genealogy Conference
April 25-26

I had the great fortune to attend the Tech Trek Genealogy Conference yesterday [April 26th], which was put on by the  Minnesota Genealogical Society and their co-sponsors the Czechoslav Genealogical Society International & the Pommern Regional Group of Minnesota. The featured speaker was well known genealogist & tech master Thomas MacEntee

After a full 8 hour day of speakers & breakout sessions, I was surprised at the many things I didn't even know, that I didn't know... after 20+ years of work in genealogy!

As a somewhat 'tech challenged' genealogist, I greatly enjoyed the 3 different lectures by the great Mr. MacEntee... "Building a Research Toolbox", "Managing your Genealogy Data", & "Google for Genealogists"...  All 3 of the lectures were very informative & full of ideas for how I might better organize & maintain my genealogy.

The other breakouts that I took in were "Blogging Panel", "Newspapers Online", and "The Best of Genealogy Book Websites". 

I was stunned to learn about all the free books to be found online! Beth Foulk, is without a doubt one of the best genealogy speakers I've had the pleasure to experience! Check out her blog & website!

Among the gems shared by Beth, the website Hathi Trust Digital Library will rock your genealogy world! The books I've found this morning alone have dazzled me & my future research!  Check out the site and start finding books you never even knew were out there!

So my conference experience was great! Hopefully, some of you were able to get there as well... and if you didn't, you should check out the MGS page and plan for a future workshop! In October, the amazing Judy Russell "The Legal Genealogist" is the keynote speaker and I'm already excited for that 2 day event!

Enjoy those genealogy endeavors~

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