Thursday, August 28, 2014

2014 North Star Genealogy Conference... Coming Soon!

The North Star Genealogy Conference is to be held October 3rd & 4th, in Edina, MN.

Not only is the brilliant Judy Russell (The Legal Genealogist) the featured speaker -- but there are some very good workshops being offered by some very accredited genealogists! [link here to all speakers]

If you aren't familiar with the Minnesota Genealogical Society, they put on some very good seminars -- and there are also many great vendors in attendance, offering about anything you can imagine to aide genealogists. 

You can get all of the information from the MGS home page, which is linked above, and read all about upcoming events. If you are just interested in seeing the program, I've linked that here as well, so you can get an idea of the subject matter.

The MGS also has a Facebook page, if you use that in your genealogy research, you can like them there to get posts about events, etc.... They also have an Events Blog, which you can follow. So a number of ways to keep in touch with Minnesota Genealogy!

Incidentally, the MGS has announced that Judy Russell will be offering a pre-conference lecture on Thursday night as well, all about DNA. The registration link for that is listed on the MGS events page.

If you have any interest in furthering your genealogical education and enjoying a day with other Dead Relative Collectors, strongly consider attending! If you see me there, come say 'Hi'!

[My apologies to the great Judy Russell... I realized that when I posted this at first, I gave her name as Judy Lewis... who was actually the illegitimate daughter of Loretta Young & Clark Cable. Guess I got my movie history mixed up with my genealogy]  

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