Sunday, March 8, 2015

Lost Photo... Wiberg sisters- St. Peter, MN

I recently spotted this great photo at an antique shop... From a Fergus Falls, Minnesota photography studio, 

Christine, Anna, Martina, Elna

On the backside someone has written  
"Christina, Anna, Martina, Elna    Wiberg"

After a big of brief research, it appears that these young ladies eventually lived in St. Peter, Minnesota.

It would be great to find a descendant of one of these sisters who would appreciate this fine photo!

A little further research, in hopes of finding a home for this photograph. These 4 young women are the daughters of John Wiberg, a native of Sweden, who eventually settled near St. Peter, MN.

Research of marriage records finds that-
Christina married Frank Wylie
Anna married Swante Randahl
Martina married Nels P. Johnson
Elna married Gust Thelander

[update 4/30/17- This photo has  been reunited with a relative!]


  1. Did a little research...some possible relatives are Connie Wylie Gwinn, Louis Dean Wylie, Philip Graham Wylie, Terry Florian Jurek, Matt Florian, Charles F Wylie, Carole Wylie, Sloane Drennan, Frances Glacken, Carl J. Swenson, Barry Wylie, Brent Wylie, Lori Wylie. If you know any of them send them a link to this post. Also a have a fair amount of information I can send them.

  2. These are my Great aunts..Their brother Charles Wiberg was my Great grand father. Our family has the Swedish Bible that was given to their parents as a wedding gift. This is wonderful that you have found this.. If you still have photo please email me at
    Thank you,