Sunday, October 18, 2015

Mystery Photo... Peter Pogatschnick

I often spotlight photos or other family memorabilia I've been able to rescue...

I recently found this wonderful framed portrait at a Southern Minnesota antique shop. The backside identified the photo as  "Peter Pogatchnick father of Elizabeth Pogatchnick Schulz".

It is a great print, in a very lovely heavy frame. Unfortunately, it is priced at $69, which is out of my price range to "rescue" items... but I'm hoping to find a descendant of Peter & his wife Ursula, that I can help reunite this print with.

Brief research shows that this family lived in Stearns County, Minnesota... Sometimes the name is spelled Pogatschnick and other times Pogatchnick...

Peter Pogatschnick died in 1927.... at this time I have not actively searched for descendants, though I have shared this photo within other online groups, hoping someone will claim it.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to get this portrait out of the shop and onto the wall of a descendant who will treasure it!

[**Update: Thanks to the efforts of readers, especially Pam, this lovely portrait was connected to a great-granddaughter, who drove to the store & purchased this amazing heirloom!]


  1. What a wonderful job you are doing! I did a search and a few more family members are here:

    1. Thank you! I have sent a few messages to people with him in their ancestry trees... will see if I get any hits. Keep checking back every week for more "mystery & lost" photos

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    3. Hi Nicholas, I found a relative who is very interested. What is the best way to contact you?

    4. Pam, you can email me directly-

  2. Nick - I have just located your email via and messaged you via FB. If this is your DNA test that is there you and I are related. I would like to connect and discover how. My email addy is:

    Denise Gainey

  3. sterns has lots of danish Were they danish?