Friday, June 10, 2016

Krumholz... What Are They & Where Are They From?

"Krumholz" is not a extremely common surname. Which for researchers of the name (like me!), is a good thing. It seems that most lines in the United States can be traced by to just a handful of immigrant ancestors. Linking those folks is where the challenge lies.

The 2013 Dictionary of Family Names, gives the meaning of Krumholz as--

German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): from Krumbholz ‘bent timber’, ‘mountain pine’, hence probably a metonymic occupational name for a cartwright or wheelwright. As a Jewish surname it is ornamental.

"bent timber" that would appear to be what the name describes

My personal Krumholz lineage is a Catholic family traced back to a small area in Baden, Germany that is nestled along the Alsatian border. The family lived in the area for hundreds of years, where descendants still reside today.

There is also another Krumholz branch that is from Eastern Germany and parts of what is now Poland. These Jewish Krumholz family lines immigrated to large numbers to the United States, and like millions of others were nearly exterminated during World War II. 

In the early days, the name often had an extra 'm'-- Krummholz. Though that appears to have been dropped by descendants today, on both sides of the ocean.

With such a limited number of people with this surname, you'd think it would be link up descendants & figure out how they are connected--- Not So! Though it is a project that would be interesting to undertake sometime in the future.

For social media users & Krumholz relatives- a Facebook page exists to keep us all united Krumholz Family News & Genealogy

Do you have Krumholz ancestors in your family tree?
Have you had luck researching/connecting your unusual surnames?

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