Sunday, May 21, 2017

Lost Heirloom-- Esther Meister Baptismal Certificate

I recently rescued this 100+ year old baptismal record for Esther Elisabeth Meister, who was born 6 May 1912, the daughter of Ludwig & Emma (Lorenz) Meister. 

Brief research shows that Esther lived most, if not all, of her life in Dane County, Wisconsin. At some point, she was married becoming Esther Husker.

She died in 1996. At this point it's unclear if she had any children or any siblings.

It would be great to get this heirloom item to a relative who will treasure & appreciate it~


  1. Once again, I've tried to pass this information along to a descendant through facebook, which is not working out so well. It could be that messages from non-friends do not get through so easily, or people are creeped-out by being contacted by strangers. It should be easier to get these heirlooms back to their families!

  2. Do you still have this? She is one of my ancestors.
    Carolyn Keen

    1. Yes Carolyn, I still have this. Please email me directly--