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Jacobina Krumholz Weber..... Wife... Mother... Gardener

My Great-Great Grandmother- Jacobina (Krumholz) Weber was born in Hildmannsfeld, Baden Baden, Germany, on April 9, 1874. The daughter of Jacob Theodore Krumholz, Sr and Agatha Kleinhans, she was the fifth, out of eight children and the last to be born in Germany.

Jacob & Agatha Krumholz & Family
(Jacobina is the last female in on the right in the back row)

On April 20, 1877 the Krumholz family arrived in Philadelphia on the SS Nederland, which had embarked from Antwerp, Belgium. They settled in Woodford County, Illinois.

William & Jacobina Weber

Jacobina grew up in Woodford County and would be married to William Carl Weber on October 30, 1894 at St. Mary of Lourdes Catholic Church in rural Metamora, Illinois.

A shortime later they would relocate to Livingston County, Illinois, near Fairbury, where they lived for about 8 years.
Jacobina with Chickens
in Illinois?

Their first 5 children were born while living in Fairbury- Elizabeth (my Great-Grandmother), Joseph, Anna, Agnes and Francis "Frank". In 1903 the Weber family moved to Silver Lake Township, Martin County, Minnesota, where they farmed. Their last 4 children were born there- Ida, Jacob, Charles and Raymond.
Weber children around 1906
Weber farm- Minnesota(?) Unsure which
Children these are

  In 1920 the family moved into Fairmont and around 1929, William and sons Charles & Raymond (with help of Frank) started the East Side Service Station... Raymond & Charles would run it (as Weber Standard) for 40 years!
Ray & Charlie outside the Station

William & Jacobina

In 1928, their son- Jacob died at only 21 years of age, after being ill with meningitis for 8 days; following an illness of scarlet fever that lasted a month.

Jacob Weber

On January 31, 1932, after attempting to push his stalled car, William was walking to church with his sons when he collapsed and died. At 65 years old, he was vibrant and healthy and worked at the Station with his sons everyday. His death was a great shock.
Anna, Joseph & Elizabeth
Harm & Elizabeth Weerts
with Joe & Agnes

Sadly, on the day of his funeral, his eldest daughter Elizabeth Weerts (my Great-Grandmother) catch a cold which advanced to influenza... at the time she was advanced in pregnancy and on March 2, 1932 she and her premature daughter Martha, died from complications of childbirth.
Jacobina outside her home & garden

Jacobina with Charlie
& Lois Ann and Aggie
Jacobina remained living in her Fairmont home for nearly 20 years after the death of her husband. She was an active member of St. Paul's Catholic Church and was a member of the Rosary Society and the Catholic Daughters.

She was a master gardener and was known across the midwest for her lovely gardens and flowers. Visitors passing through Fairmont would often collect seeds or a slip from her garden... this was easy as the Weber home was next to the Service Station.

Jacobina outside with Flowers

On December 17, 1950, Jacobina passed away at her home after an illness of lung cancer... Her remaining 7 children and their families survived her. Agnes would remain in the home place until late in life when she entered a nursing home. The Weber home along with Jacobina's gardens and the Service Station would eventually be razed.

1976- Weber Aunt & Uncles
Frank, Ray, Aggie, Annie, Charlie, Ida & Joe

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