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Johanna Schadt Weber 1844-1905

Johanna Schadt was born November 11, 1844 in Germany, where in Germany is still unclear. She was the daughter of John & Johanna Schadt. According to her obituary she came with her parents to Hollis Township, Peoria County, Illinois in 1848!  However, I'm not convinced that early timeframe is correct.

She was married to Charles Weber, on December 1861, in Tazewell Co, IL. Charles was born July 6, 1820, in Alsace Lorraine, though his family and prior whereabouts are completely unknown. So he was 24 years older than Johanna, and may have had a whole other life before they married!

It is recorded that Charles & Johanna had 10 children: Mary Ann (1863-1865), William Carl (1866-1932), Mary Louisa (1867-1963), Joseph (1869-1870), Jacob C. (1871-1955), Daniel (1873-1956), Julia (1876-1877), Elizabeth (1878-1936), Anna Marie (1880-1958), and William (1895-1897).

Charles & Johanna Weber
year unknown, but I would guess 1890s

Family records list the last son, William born Feb 11, 1895 and died Aug 6, 1897. It seems unlikely to me that Johanna would have a child born to her when she was 50 years old and named him after her still living son William?!  I've often wondered if instead, William was a grandchild that Johanna was raising... but as of now, this child's ID remains unclear.

Interestingly, 3 of Johanna & Charles's children-- William, Anna & Daniel all married members of the Krumholz family, children of Jacob Theodore & Agatha (Kleinhans) Krumholz... who lived nearby.

I've been unable to find any record of the early Schadt family in Illinois.... In 1880, the widowed Johanna Schadt was living with her daughter in the Weber household.  The Schadt parents and the Weber's are all buried near each other in the Trial Cemetery, near Bartonville (Peoria suburb).

After the death of Charles Weber on March 7, 1898, at 77 years of age, Johanna remained living in Hollis Township with the children who remained at home (Daniel, Elizabeth & Anna). Sometime after 1900, Johanna moved into Pekin, IL and lived with her daughter Mary Behrens & family.... it was at the home of Mary, that Johanna died on January 16, 1905 of pneumonia at the age of 60 years.

Trial Cemetery, near Bartonville

I'd love to find out more about the Schadt family... where in Germany they came from and who else was in the family besides Johanna.... And to find out something about Charles Weber would be equally as nice!
Trial Cemetery, near Bartonville

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