Saturday, April 20, 2013

Getting my feet wet with Danish research....

Even though I've been active in genealogy for 20 years, I've always been hesitant to jump into the wonders of Scandinavian genealogy and the intimidations that accompany it. But, I've decided now that I would like to explore my Danish roots and hopefully connect to some family still living there.

I have found some of the many resources and research tools out there.... but hope that some kind reader will have knowledge of lesser known resources... hasn't given me anything and is where I found the few scant details below.

Of course my true hope is that someone will recognize having the same family and we will be able to connect!

I'm searching for the family of Andreas Olesen & Metta Cathrine Christensdr, they resided in Uldum, Vejle, Denmark. Unfortunately, I know nothing about them other than names...
They had at least 3 children:
1 .Iver Andreasen born- 7 Aug 1836   christened - 14 Aug 1836 died- sometime in 1836
2. Iver Andreasen/Anderson born- 3 Apr 1838  christened- 4 Jun 1838  died- 1928
3. Johanne Marie Andreasen  christened- 1 Mar 1841

The births/christenings for the 3 children all occured in Uldum, Vejle, Denmark.
My Great-Great Grandfather is Iver Anderson and he immigrated to the USA in the 1870s.

I'm searching for further information on Andreas & Metta... hopefully details of their birth/death and if they had more children than the 2 who lived to adulthood. I'd also love to find out if Johanne married and had a family and if there are descendants still around in Denmark.

I may be 20 years late in coming, but I hope to have finally arrived at Danish research.....

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