Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mystery Photo... Anna & Jessie Eaton- Glenwood, MN

I have such a large photo archive... of both relative & nonrelative photos... that I've decided to do a weekly spotlight of one the 'mystery photos' in my possession.

Anna & Jessie Eaton,  Glenwood, Minnesota

Found in an album from Albert Lea, Freeborn County, Minnesota that contained members of the Grinolds & Nelson family.... 

I'm not sure how these two ladies might connect to the family, if indeed they even are.... 

This small cabinet card photo is from the P.P. Johnson photography studio, of Glenwood & Starbuck, Minnesota  (Pope County).

I've done a little looking to see if I might find something out about these two ladies... but thus far have come up empty handed... though I must admit, I haven't looked very long or hard.

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  1. some wagners of martin county had relatives in freeborne county, minnesota