Friday, September 6, 2013

Lost Document... Aloisius Plutowski & Nettie Ebertowski

Marriage Record... found in an antique shop.....

Just this week I stumbled upon this nicely frame marriage record in an antique shop... at $29, it's a little over the amount that I'm willing to pay to "rescue" unknown genealogy gems.... But I thought if I publicized it here, perhaps I'd be able to find a relative... and in the least, the photos are retained here. 

According to the certificate, Nettie Ebertowski was, at the time, a resident of Oslo, Minnesota... which is a tiny hamlet in Marshall County. Though the wedding took place in North Dakota.

If you are connected to this family, and are interested in actually owning this certificate, I'm happy to assist you in getting it and shipping it to you.

For an 84 year old document, it is in lovely condition... and it's so sad that this family heirloom has been separated from family members who may cherish it.

[update- as of 05/10/2014 this certificate is still for sale]

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  1. Hi, I had a similar experience at Goodwill, a 1927 First Communion and Confirmation lithograph for only $3.99, and the thing is beautiful. Saw one on Ebay for $75, so you probably didn't overpay. There is a pic of mine here