Friday, September 6, 2013

Salome Sturm.... A Mysterious Grandmother...

As far as mysterious female ancestors go – Salome Sturm is no exception. In 20 years of researching her, I have little to show for it... Though I certainly have tried!

Salome Sturm was born 20 June 1841 in Alsace Lorraine, the daughter of Mathias Sturm & his unknown wife. Family lore is she married a Sturm, the son of Johannes & Catherine (Rudolph) Sturm, and that they had a son Jacob. Her husband died and she and her small son came to the United States, settling in Lake County, Illinois… this area was full of Sturm’s at that time… On 15 November 1866 she married Johann Sturm, the son of Johannes & Catherine… they had 5 children: John, Henry & David (twins), Michael, and Emma.  Johann died in 1875, and Salome went on to marry his younger brother George Sturm; and they went on to have a son George as well.

So what I think I have is a Sturm female, who went on to marry 3 Sturm brothers…. Though there were some family members who questioned whether her first husband was actually a Sturm…  I can’t find anything on a first husband, though she has this son Jacob Sturm… whether his Sturm surname was for his Father, his Step-Father/Uncle, or even his Mother’s maiden name – I do not know.


Salome died at her rural Long Grove, IL farm on 12 October 1906, she was 65 years old. She is buried nearby at the Long Grove Cemetery.

I’d love to know more about the life of Salome – who her parents were and her first husband. Maybe someone knows something of her and her life… and even has a photograph of this elusive, mysterious Grandma.

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