Tuesday, January 21, 2014

DNA~ Who Am I & Where the heck did I come from?

DNA? Who Am I & Where the Heck did I come from?
Understanding the world of DNA in 2014
New Years Resolution #3

There have been so many breakthroughs in the genealogy world, compliments of DNA -- at least I think there have been... I must admit, although I find it fascinating, I know almost nothing about DNA and how it might impact my genealogy.

Which is why it's on my list of genealogy New Year resolutions! I want to educate myself on DNA- and have myself tested so I might connect with "DNA Cousins" -- at least I think that can happen?? Can't it?

I read great blogs about DNA & genealogy-- Lorine at The Olive Tree Genealogy & the wonderful Judy at The Legal Genealogist are very educated in the world of DNA... and they often share that knowledge with faithful readers such as myself. If you aren't regular visitors to their blogs, you must start! You can link to them right from here. And while I barely, if at all, understand the DNA lingo they use, I greatly enjoy reading about their DNA successes (or failures?) and am jealous that I cannot relate...whatsoever.

So, besides reading blogs (see above) & articles about DNA, it's time I start doing some quality research to educate myself on the wonders of DNA -- and what I can expect from it -- as of today, I have many questions-- including, but not limited to --

1. As a male, can I link to female 'cousins' ?
2. As a male, will my DNA reflect/connect to my female ancestor lines ?
3. Who are the best providers of DNA testing ?
4. Other than being 1/84 Mongolian, will I learn anything useful ?
5. Must I be able to read, analyze & understand a bunch of graphs/hash marks ?

Yes. I know. I have lots and lots to learn. It's a little daunting.
Do you use DNA in your genealogy?
What have your experiences been like

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