Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Educate Me~ On What I Don't Know, That I Don't Know

Educate Me~ On What I Don't Know, That I Don't Know
Continuing Education in the Ever Changing Genealogy World
New Years Resolution #4

The world of genealogy changes just as fast as the rest of the world and there are constantly new resources and research tools coming to light and new/better/different ways of doing things -- I'll never claim to be an expert on anything -- and as I've already talked about -- there are many aspects of genealogy I'm clueless about [like DNA!]

So this year I want to work on furthering my genealogical education! There appear to be countless webinars out there -- on all kinds of subjects. In fact, Julie at Julie's Genealogy & History Hub posts a weekly schedule of upcoming webinars she's aware of, as well as other interesting links. I'm sure there are other places where listings like this exist -- I haven't found them yet...but if you know of them -- please share!

Besides online classes & seminars, local & state societies often hold workshops & seminars. I'm planning to attend the Minnesota Technology Conference in April, with the genealogy giant Thomas MacEntee as the featured speaker. Anyone reading this who resides in Minnesota, should check out the Minnesota Genealogical Society home page and click the 'classes' tab for their upcoming class list. They really have some interesting looking events on the agenda!

I've been trying to find a list or calendar of "genealogy events" in Minnesota for 2014 -- but so far, have yet to locate any. Maybe I need to create my own page of links....?

So I want to keep educating myself in 2014 -- checking out some webinars -- attending some local workshops -- and looking for new genealogy books to add to my personal library -- and of course, keep reading articles & blogs that are up on the genealogy world.

Now I have a few questions for you?
Do you know of any Minnesota workshops/seminars in 2014?
Is there a place online with a calendar of upcoming events?
What, if any, webinars do you suggest?
Any books published in the last couple of years that are must reads?
What magazines or periodicals are the best these days?

And lastly, how do you plan on furthering your genealogy education in 2014?


  1. If you visit my Blog at http://oakdale-fhc-blog.blogspot.com/, you will see a notice about the Family History Fair that we are hosting on April 26th in New Brighton, where we will show ten of the presentations that are being given (some as I write this) at Roots Tech in Salt Lake City.
    If you go to lds.org/familyhistoryfair, then you can pre-register for this free Fair.

    1. Thanks Don! I checked out your posting and look forward to attending in April! Thanks again for sharing