Saturday, May 10, 2014

Martin County Links... Minnesota Genealogy Resources

As a genealogist from Minnesota, I take great pride in the many resources our state has in place to aide researchers! Many, like the death index, are very well known, but many many others are not.

So I've decided to spotlight a few of the lesser known greats here, in hopes that I can connect someone with a tool they can use! Since Saturdays are good days to do genealogy (at least for us working folks), I decided to post these links then.

Martin County Genealogical Society
A great county resource for all of your research needs! Check out the website for further details and information on membership. For the Facebook savvy among you, you can 'like' them on their official MCGS Facebook page

Martin County Historical Society
The Genealogical & Historical Societies are under the same roof and have incredible resources and information. 

Martin County Rootsweb Resources
Yes, these have been around awhile, but you never know what you might stumble upon from years past. Old queries and other information can be found here.

Martin County "Find-A-Grave" listings
If you aren't familiar with Find-a-grave [which surely you must be!], hurry up and check it out. 
At least one cemetery there has been walked & photographed completely [I know, I did it!]
Nashville Cemetery but there are others that are close to complete as well... others, not so much so

What about you?  Do you know of any great Martin County resources out there?

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