Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dobereiner Family Postcard-- Currie, Minnesota

I recently purchased this 1909 Easter Postcard...
It was sent to Mrs. J.F. OShea of Currie, Minnesota from her "sister Martha"
After some research, I was able to find that Amelia Dobereiner was married to J.F. O'Shea in 1904 and her sister Martha Dobereiner married Frank W. Johnson in 1911.
They were daughters of John & Amalie Dobereiner and the family resided in Murray County, Minnesota for many years.
I would love to find a descendant of Martha (Dobereiner) Johnson that might appreciate this postcard written in her hand... sadly, Martha died as a young woman in 1919... and I'm not sure if she had any children live to adulthood or not.  So perhaps there is a member of the O'Shea family that would appreciate this 105 year old Easter greeting.


  1. What a beautiful vintage postcard! Hopefully a family member will find your blog so they can see it and the message written by Martha.

    1. I know, Jana! It is especially lovely, because Martha died as a young woman. I've been posting to message boards & mailing lists (as I always do), hoping to find a family member who will be excited to get it. I have had a lot of luck the last month or so--- with 4 reunited photos & 1 bible (to Norway!).
      Thanks for your note!

  2. Thanks for the info Nicholas. Amelia Dobereiner was the wife of my great uncle John Frances O'Shea (older brother of my grandmother Anna O'Shea). I had Martha (sister-in-law of my great uncle) in my tree, however I did not know she was married. I've updated my tree with your information.