Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dobereiner Family Postcard-- Currie, Minnesota

I recently purchased this 1909 Easter Postcard...
It was sent to Mrs. J.F. OShea of Currie, Minnesota from her "sister Martha"
After some research, I was able to find that Amelia Dobereiner was married to J.F. O'Shea in 1904 and her sister Martha Dobereiner married Frank W. Johnson in 1911.
They were daughters of John & Amalie Dobereiner and the family resided in Murray County, Minnesota for many years.
I would love to find a descendant of Martha (Dobereiner) Johnson that might appreciate this postcard written in her hand... sadly, Martha died as a young woman in 1919... and I'm not sure if she had any children live to adulthood or not.  So perhaps there is a member of the O'Shea family that would appreciate this 105 year old Easter greeting.


  1. What a beautiful vintage postcard! Hopefully a family member will find your blog so they can see it and the message written by Martha.

    1. I know, Jana! It is especially lovely, because Martha died as a young woman. I've been posting to message boards & mailing lists (as I always do), hoping to find a family member who will be excited to get it. I have had a lot of luck the last month or so--- with 4 reunited photos & 1 bible (to Norway!).
      Thanks for your note!