Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mystery Photo... Viola Borman[n]... St. Peter, Minnesota

Viola Boremann... St. Peter, Minnesota

Recently, I rescued this great cabinet card photo from an antique shop!

It comes from a St. Peter, Minnesota photography studio. And was actually purchased about 8 miles away...

Someone wrote "Viola Boremann" on the back side....

I've done some searching and there doesn't appear to be many "Boremann's" around. I wonder if perhaps the person who wrote this, misspelled the last name? The handwriting appears much more recent than the days of the actual photo.

How nice would it be to figure out just who this little girl is... and while she is most certainly deceased today, I'd love to find a child or grandchild (or anyone!) who would treasure this lovely baby girl!

[update- it appears that Viola Mabel Borman[n] was born 23 July 1901 in Nicollet County, MN-- the daughter of Henry & Effie (Dougal) Borman]

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