Sunday, June 1, 2014

Alfred Windhorn... Brown County, Minnesota

Alfred Windhorn... of Brown County, Minnesota

I recently rescued this nice portrait from an antique shop!
Someone has written "Alfred Windhorn" on the backside

After a brief search, I find an Alfred Windhorn born 22 March 1886 in Brown County, Minnesota and it seems that Alfred eventually settled in Mankato, Blue Earth Co, Minnesota which is where he passed away in 1961.
It would be wonderful to find a descendant of Alfred, or at least Windhorn genealogist who would appreciate this fine portrait!

[**Update- 10/30/15- Alfred has been reunited with a relative to keep & preserve this photo!]

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  1. Hello! I live in New Ulm, Brown County, Minnesota in a home that was built by Louis Windhorn. Louis was born 21 September 1899 and died in New Ulm on 17 April 1979. Louis was a sign maker who is most well known for his neon work. I know there are a few Windhorn descendents still in town. I will see if I can connect Alfred.