Saturday, January 17, 2015

2015 Genealogy Resolutions!?

We are now at the midway point for this first month of 2015. I'm still planning my upcoming year, crafting my many "to do" lists, including my genealogy resolutions. While I accomplished a few things this last year, which I over viewed here last week, I still have MUCH to do! And while planning these upcoming quests for the New Year, I've tried to be realistic and choose manageable goals, so that I don't set myself up for failure (been there, done that!).

1. Organization- A never ending job it seems. As I write this, I'm tearing apart my home office and getting the space better organized and functional (it's been a multi-year endeavor). I'm sorting all of my unfiled paperwork (mountains worth) and planning to overhaul my binder system (some branches are 10 years outdated!). Always on the lookout for new & handy organization tips-- I'm trying to streamline my system and purge things I don't need/want. Facebook groups such as The Organized Genealogist and various bloggers out there are constantly offering up great ideas (and distractions!).
An extra piece of this goal, is to go through my huge photo archive! It needs to be sorted and stored properly, as well as scanned into my computer. A giant undertaking, completely separate from my other organization goals. 

2. Living Relatives- I'm still fortunate to have many relatives from the older generation (though the numbers drop steadily every year). So once again this year I want to spend some time with them and enjoy them while I have them. I also have old photos I'd like to share with them and hopefully identify as well as get any new (to me!) family stories. In this day of Facebook and it's easy to get wrapped up in the cyber world-- but these elders in our family are priceless resources and I for one plan to appreciate these treasures!

3. Sources & Documentation- While I've always done a "pretty good" job noting where information came from and never just merged other trees into mine-- I could do better. I attended a genealogy workshop this past Fall and one of the sessions I signed up for was the "sourcing & documentation". I learned a lot and learned what I'd been doing wrong (also a lot!). As I've been organizing, I've also been surprised at home many easily obtainable documents I'm missing. I've already created a list of "to get" records for 2015... as we all know, laws regarding records change all the time and what is accessible today might not be accessible tomorrow. 

4. "Groups"- There are so many genealogy groups available today. From family associations to Facebook groups and mailing lists, as well as local genealogical societies and clubs. I'd like to get more involved with a couple of surname groups once I get my genealogy more organized (see above!). As well as look seriously into the Mayflower Society and SAR among others. I have a number of eligible ancestors on both ends of that, and I'd like to see what's offered. 

5. Education- I enjoyed 2 large genealogy seminars in 2014 and that has spurred me on to continue with genealogical education. While I'm anticipating a large workshop this coming Spring, I'm also looking into other options like webinars and podcasts. Not only do I enjoy the content, it's fun meeting others who share an interest in genealogy... because as we all know, not everyone does!

So there are my 2015 goals in a nutshell! Do you have any goals for your genealogy in this New Year.... and a plan in place to see some of them happen??

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