Thursday, November 12, 2015

TBT Photos of Yesteryear- Ossian Maine Family

Spotlighting photos from my extensive photo archive- 
This week it is 
Ossian Maine & Family

Back Row- Roy, Carl, Alfred, Alvin, Lester, Alonzo
Front Row- Mayme, Ossian, Vina, James[4 other children died in childhood]

Ossian and wife wife Melvina married & lived in Southern Minnesota, before moving up north to Cass County in the 1890s. Eventually they settled in North Dakota.

Ossian was the son of Erastus & Eliza Maine of Winnebago, MN... One of ten siblings- Jessie, Irving, Spencer, Selwyn, Hattie, Olive, Ralph, Minerva, & Crissie completing the family.

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