Sunday, December 6, 2015

Mystery Photo... Maine, Beeson, Hooser-- Minnesota

A relative sent me this photo once... hoping I'd be able to ID it for certain. I couldn't.

It comes from some descendants of Erastus Maine of Southern Minnesota. The photo ended up in the family of his older daughter-- Jessie Hooser... I think the oldest person here in the photo could very well be the youngest daughter-- Crissie Beeson.

Many of the Maine sisters strongly resembled each other... and in turn many of the nieces looked like their Aunt and Cousins. It's hard to judge for certain who any one is, unless someone else out there has the same photo that is identified.

My theory is, that this is a photo of Crissie (Maine) Beeson along with a couple of her Hooser nieces. There were a lot of girls in that family-- it could be just about anyone.

Hoping someone out there will recognize these people and help solve the mystyer.

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