Monday, December 7, 2015

William Willis Cole... Grandfather From NoWhere

A number of researchers today descend from William Willis Cole... and because of this, his descendants have been quite well researched & documented... and as a descendant myself, I've done a large amount of research over the years and have connected with some fellow researchers.

William Willis Cole & Family

Much of his early life is gleamed from a rather lengthy newspaper obituary... though, like many flowery death notices from this era, some of it may not be completely accurate. .

What I do know... or claim to is...

William Willis Cole was born 1 May 1813 in Louisville, Kentucky. Though I have seen Virginia given as a location on some records. His parents, are unclear... a John Cole did sign his marriage certificate to verify his age, but that could really have been any older relative.

Marriage Record of William Cole
John Cole signed

He was married on 8 June 1839 to Susannah "Susan" Hindman (spelling of her name varies)... Susannah is a bigger mystery-- as to from whence she came and all that rot.

They do show up in the 1840 census, living Lower Sandusky, Ohio... There is a girl, aged 10-14 living in their household... I have no idea who she could be... perhaps a younger sister of one of them?

By 1850, they are living in Steuben County, Indiana, with 3 of their children. Eventually they made their way up to Hudson, Michigan... and their children included, but aren't necessarily limited to: Byron A. Cole, Anna Marie (wife of Riley Randall), Jennet (wife of John Finn & Milton Welliver), Martha (wife of Floyd Gay), and Delivan.

Sometime in the 1860s, they relocated to Minnesota... settling in what is now Kandiyohi County.

On 17 April 1889, Susan passed away at their home in New London and was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery. Over the coming years the Cole family branches moved and left Kandiyohi County and William would eventually live with his sons at different times. 

It was at the home of his son Delivan, that William died on 12 Nov 1902, in rural Cass County.

So who was William Cole? 

Who were his parents? 
Where did they come from?

Many questions. Few answers

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