Thursday, February 4, 2016

Let's Get Educated in 2016~ Further Your Knowledge

Right now, RootsTech 2016 is in full swing. Anybody who is anybody is there... while the rest of us sit at home hating them... [well, not really]

If you are scratching your head, wondering just what RootsTech is... well, I'm sure you aren't alone... Officially begun in 2011, it's a wildly popular & hugely attended annual genealogy conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. Follow the link above and see what it's all about. 

Because while RootsTech is the impetus for this post, it's not the subject. We're now a month into 2016! Wow. Time is flying.

If you're in a part of the World that is experiencing Winter, perhaps you've found some extra time to sort paper or tackle a brick wall.

Maybe you've been reading some articles or blog posts and have stumbled upon some genealogy related subjects that you're just not very well educated on.

Even after 20 plus years of active research, The Dead Relative Collector here still has certain resources or locations that he's not very knowledgeable on.

And while it is very handy, to hop online and post a question to one of the many genealogy related groups out there, it's still satisfying to do some research & self-educate a little bit.
So I usually try a trusty Google search first! Which often yields a plethora of results. When needed, I'm always eager to post a question or idea to any number of groups I belong to. One of my favorite is the Facebook group Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness - RAOGK USA, with over 22,000 members [and growing daily], it's great place to find knowledgeable people. 

So here I sit in snow covered Minnesota [48 hours post blizzard], jealous that I'm not in Utah at the world's largest genealogy conference and itching to further my own genealogical education. What do I do?

As a Minnesota resident, I'm fortunate to live in a State that values history & has archives and research repositories. I'm also lucky that we have a wonder State Genealogy Society. The Minnesota Genealogical Society offers many classes & educational opportunities throughout the year!

Checking out their upcoming 'events', I see that there are a number of classes & webinars that may be of interest to me. And the large Spring Conference is only a couple of months away! Minnesotans [and those in surrounding states] check this out and see what might be of interest to you!

Fear not! You don't have to live in Minnesota or Utah to partake in genealogy education opportunities!

There are tons of virtual classes out there these days! Dear Myrtle, our famous genealogy guru has been involved in teaching genealogy related subjects forever! Check out the link to her blog... there are links to webinars, etc there.

CyndisList also has a ton of direct links to online course & webinars. I'll be honest, I didn't check out any of the ones she lists, but if you do-- please share!

And don't forget actual books! WHAT? You mean genealogy research that doesn't involve a computer or mobile device? Yes. It can be done. And was done for decades. Research a genealogy reference book that could help further your knowledge-- Top 10 Genealogy Reference Books, is one researchers choice for the top books! Or check Amazon for a book that might be of interest to you. And if you're researched out... read Laverne Galeener-Moore's two hysterical books about our great hobby!

So.... even if, like me, you're stuck home during the world's largest genealogy conference, fear not! There are still plenty of ways to participate in educating yourself. [Or plan ahead for 2017... RootsTech will be held February 8-11]

If you can answer any of these questions, please share in the comments for other readers! Thanks~

What are your favorite webinars?
Is there a genealogy podcast you adore?
Best genealogy book you've ever read?
What classes or seminars are available in your state?


  1. I plan to attend Midwestern Roots in Indianapolis, IN on July 14 through 16 of 2016. Hope others will consider coming, too. is the website. If this link doesn't work, just Google "Midwestern Roots 2016"

    1. Thanks for sharing! I hope it gets a great turnout!