Sunday, February 7, 2016

Lost Heirloom- Antique Woven Blanket- Martha Ellis

I stumbled upon this amazing family heirloom at a local antique shop. While the $200 price tag is beyond what I can spend to rescue items, I thought it was worth it to spotlight it here, in hopes that a descendant may be tracked down who is in a position to purchase the item.

This old handmade wool blanket is in surprisingly great condition for its age. It would seem it was only used rarely.

Years ago, someone typed up on a typewriter, the history of this blanket... as well as the outline of the family it comes from. 

"Plaid Blanket 
This plaid blanket was spun,
woven and colored by Martha Jane
Smith before she was married to 
Lyman Ellis (b. 6/23/1815 in N.Y. state,
                         d, 10/7/1879)
Martha Jane Smith (b. 6/20/1821 in N.Y. state
                                  d. 2/25/1884)
They were the parents of 
     Rosina, Frederick, Lynus
     Freeman and Norman Ellis

Norman Ellis & Olive Acker Ellis 
     Parents of Sidney, Walter
           Ernest, Laurence and Alice

     Laurence Ellis & Bertha Kipp
            parents of Irene, Perry
                    Homer, Martha, Marian"

From the typed note, it would seem that this blanket was passed on to Norman Ellis and eventually his son Laurence and then to his daughter Martha.  Sometime after this, the blanket was separated from relatives and sold.

Brief research shows that the family originated in New York, and eventually settled in Michigan. Where Lyman & Martha passed away. Lynus died prior to his parents, and probably left no children.

With 5 children, it seems likely that there must be a descendant of Martha, who would treasure & appreciate this stunning family heirloom, in spite of the price tag attached. 

Are you fortunate enough to be a descendant of the maker of this great blanket? I sure hope so!


  1. Ohhhhhhh.....I wish! What a treasure.

  2. I sent a email to ChristineB on Ancestry. She has the family profiled and may be a direct descendant.