Thursday, July 21, 2016

North Star 2016- Minnesota Genealogical Conference

Alright Minnesota Area Genealogists, it's time to plan for the Fall genealogy conference that is sponsored by the Minnesota Genealogical Society.

Friday September 30th & Saturday October 1st 

The Minnesota Genealogical Society always puts on a terrific workshop! The speakers are some of the brightest & most knowledgeable in our field. 

If you're like me, Summer is flying by at break neck speed... already nearly August, and I haven't accomplished 1/10th of the things I'd hoped to... and my genealogy has been no exception. The mini research trips I'd hoped to take & the massive organization projects are all still pending.

However, we all have plenty of time to schedule & plan for the upcoming genealogy conference! Coming after Labor Day & the hubbub of the previous months, it will be a wonderful way to cap off our "Summer Adventures" and maybe even give us some genealogy direction for the upcoming Midwest Winter we will be enduring! 

  • Have you attended genealogy workshops before? If not, it's a wonderful way to expand your genealogy education AND meet fellow genealogists!
  • Are you a member of the Minnesota Genealogical Society? If not, you should consider it. The price is reasonable, you get access to many resources AND members get a 'discount' for conferences.
  • Might you have other genealogist pals who'd enjoy this too? If so, share this with them. Gather a group & carpool. 
  • Think you're too much of a novice? Or too much an expert? Trust me. You aren't either of them. There's always something to learn in this great hobby of ours! No one knows too much or too little to find the conference a great time!
You can view the itinerary for the conference & speakers bios right on the MGS website.  Please check it out, there look like some great topics!

Points I should mention:

  • Early bid registrations ends on August 23rd. 4 weeks. Don't delay.
  • Apparently Minnesota is hosting the Ryder Cup Golf Tournament. If you need lodging, don't delay. 
  • The Edina location of the conference is very easy & very accessible.
  • Support your hobby & support your fellow genealogists.
See you there! Make sure to say 'hi'

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