Thursday, July 28, 2016

TBT- Photos of Yesteryear- Sally "Essie" Crosby

Spotlight photos from my extensive photo archive 
Today is it
Sally Estella "Essie" (George) Bruce Crosby [1879-1958]
My Great-Great Grandmother

Essie Crosby in front of the Winnebago School- 1930s

Sally Estella "Essie" was the first child born to Myron George & Viola Jewell. Raised in Central City, Iowa by her Father & Grandmother Elmira Jewell, following her mothers death.

Essie was first married to Owen Rutherford Bruce, and after a tumultuous 16 year marriage they were divorced. The day her divorce from Owen was granted, Essie married LeRoy "Roy" Crosby and they immediately after moved to Minnesota.

Essie raised a total of 5 children and was an important figure to grandchildren as well. After many years living in Winnebago, Minnesota, Essie & Roy moved out West to California where their daughter was living.

Essie died after suffering a stroke on September 2, 1958. 

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