Sunday, August 28, 2016

Mystery Photo-- Fairmont, Minnesota

This unidentified photo comes from Southern Minnesota
Compliments of a Fairmont, MN (Martin County) photography studio

These two ladies remain unidentified... from a collection a photos connected to the Weber & Krumholz families, it is likely that they are relatives. One of them shows up in other photos as well... also unidentified.

Hopefully someone out there will recognize these ladies so we can give them names once & for all


  1. Hi Nicholas. I was recently away for the weekend on the other side of Colorado, and found a stash of pictures from a family in the late 1800's in Ohio. Several of the younger kids in the pics were named. I immediately started trying to find the family, and it wasn't until I was home again, I figured out the connection. So far, I haven't got a response from relatives I have found on Ancestry and FamilySearch. I've become a little obsessed with this family I don't belong to, and it pains me these pics may just go away one day. Does this happen to you? I am thinking of calling the store and buying them and posting them on FamilySearch Family Tree. At least maybe one day they'll be reunited with someone directly related or interested. What do you do in these instances?

    1. I try and purchase things that are reasonably priced. And if they are outside what I can pay for-- I take as much info & photos as I can and hope to find someone who is connected.
      What did you do? Did you get the photos?

    2. I called the store and purchased 8 pictures that appeared connected based on the names on the back and the location of the photographer studio. It has been interesting researching this family and I have posted the pics on Family Search. I just couldn't let them just sit there.