Thursday, August 25, 2016

TBT- Photos of Yesteryear-- Weerts Daughters

Spotlight photos from my extensive photo archive
This week it is my 
Great-Great Grandmother- Elizabeth (Funk) Weerts
& her 4 daughters

Lucy, Grace, Anna, Elizabeth, Helena

Elizabeth (Funk) Weerts was born September 17, 1862, in Petkum, Ostfriesland, Germany. She was adopted at a young age by the Funk family. She was married to Herman "Harm" Weerts and they eventually left Germany for the United States, joining relatives in Iowa. Later moving to Southern Minnesota and finally settling in North Dakota. Elizabeth died at the age of 93, after suffering a stroke on June 20, 1956.

Among the 10 children in the Weerts family were the 4 daughters above-- (left to right)
Louise "Lucy" (Weerts) Schultz (1892-1989)
Grace (Weerts) Schultz (1890-1957)
Anna (Weerts) Cramer (1907-1973)
Helena "Lena" (Weerts) Ludemann Muller (1888-1988)

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