Sunday, May 14, 2017

Lost Heirloom- August Sohre Baptismal Certificate

I recently rescued this lovely framed German baptismal certificate from the 1890's. I'm not fluent in German, but I was able to make out bits and pieces. 

The certificate is for August Louis Hermann  Sohre who was born May 10, 1884 in Horicon, Dodge Co, Wisconsin, the on of August Sohr & Henrietta Wegener [sic]. He was baptized on June 16, 1884.

I did a brief search into August Sohre and see that he eventually settled in Blue Earth County, Minnesota and children & grandchildren. 

I'm hoping that this certificate can find its way home to a relative to treasure it


  1. I have attempted to contact descendants through facebook. Hope this beauty make it home.

  2. I just received a message through ancestry that I should check this out.

    This is for my great-grandfather.

    All of his children are now deceased. His daughter Mildred was a genealogy buff who passed the love onto my father and then onto me.

    You can reach me through Facebook or email if you'd like. Just let me know.

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    2. Yes Michelle! Email me-

    3. My apologies, this is for my great-great-grandfather. Sometimes all the repeating names gets confusing.