Thursday, February 5, 2015

TBT Photos of Yesteryear- Maine Family

Hiram, Blanche & Loren Maine

Spotlighting photos from my extensive photo archive-- 
This week it's a fun photograph of my Great-Grandfather with his brother & sister

Hiram, Blanche, Loren Maine

Hiram Maine [1904-1979], his sister Blanche Maine Hagen [1899-1988] and brother Loren Maine ]1901-1980], three of the children born to Ralph & Minnie (Cole) Maine. 

The family moved from Southern and Northern Minnesota a number of times over 15 years... before settling in rural Pequot Lakes in the 1910's. 

Around 90 years after this photo was sent to family friends in Southern Minnesota, this photo was returned to me by descendants of those friends.

Back of photo where Blanche had written a note to family friends in Southern Minnesota

Unfortunately, my Aunt did not date the photo, so I'm not exactly sure when it was taken, though I'd guess it to be 1916-1921 or so.

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