Thursday, February 26, 2015

TBT Photos of Yesteryear-- Maine Reunion

In honor of Throw Back Thursday... These photos are of various members of the Maine family... Some were taken in 1951 (Summer probably) and at least 2 others were taken in 1955...

I'm not sure, but they may have been taken at the Ritter farm during a family reunion?

Most of the individuals are identified... but there are a few children/babies I am not sure of

Alex & Ruby (Harrington) Kinn & 2 daughters Ellen & Patsy
possible this was taken at a different time, up north near Pequot Lakes

Darrell & Leola Maine & family

Dorothy Maine holding unknown baby, Harriet Maine Kraywinkel, Glen & Gertrude Maine?

Lee Ritter

Ernie & Beryl (Maine) Lundblad with Larry

Mildred Maine, Harriet (Maine) Kraywinkel holding a baby?

Pat Ritter Messer

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