Monday, May 27, 2013

Amelia Hawkins Merrill... Another mysterious female ancestor....

This female ancestor of mine is a classic example of how tricky maternal lines can be… and while I should appreciate that I know as much as I do about this 5x Great-Grandmother – I’d like to know more, as any self-respecting genealogist would!
Scan of a copy
of a photo from the
Merrill Genealogy written
by her Granddaughter Mary
Amelia Hawkins was born 2 December 1793 – not sure where this birth occurred – or to whom she was born. [The 1860 census gives her state of birth as Massachusetts, but I know nothing further] Whether she was a native resident of New York is unclear to me, but she was married in Fabius, Onondaga County, New York on 13 November 1811, to Heman Merrill. The Merrill line is a well researched line full of Revolutionary War heroes and other great men worthy of history books – the wives, who were surely equally as great, are relegated to what amounts to one line footnotes [unfortunately, for about 4 generations! Ugh]
Due to the published Merrill genealogies – (and my own research!) I have a large number of the descendants of Heman & Amelia compiled, and Heman’s paternal lines are, again, well documented.
Cottage Cemetery
Amelia lived a month past 71st birthday – dying on 16 Jan 1865 (in Dayton, NY?), and is buried at the Cottage Cemetery – near her husband and some children.
I’m happy to know as much as I do about Amelia – and future brick-wall posts will be little more than a name – but I would love to add parents to Amelia – and of course I am always on the lookout for ‘cousins’ who also claim Heman & Amelia as ancestors!

Does anyone out there know who Amelia was?

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  1. Amelia Hawkins Merrill may be the daughter of Abiel Hawkins and Mercy Jepson of Williamstown, Berkshire, MA. The Hawkins Genealogy lists a daughter born to Abiel in 1793 without further identification. Hopefully DNA links from Amelia to grandparents Robert Hawkins & Rachel BUCK will tie the family together. There are several Ancestry DNA study participants tied to Robert Hawkins (1729-1828).