Monday, May 13, 2013

Kleinhans... Klein-Who??

Yet another pedigree surname that only leads to question marks – compliments of a 3x Great-Grandmother who prior to married life is unknown......
Agatha Kleinhans was born 8 Feb 1840, in Hildmannsfeld, Baden, Germany – the daughter of Joseph Kleinhans & Magdaleus Fras. [sound of me putting on the brakes] I don’t have, in my possession, the actual proof that Hildmannsfeld is the locale of her birth – or that Joseph & Magdaleus are her parents… though this is what I believe to be true [and there are other Krumholz researchers who agree]
Agatha Kleinhans & Jacob Krumholz

Agatha was married to Jacob Theodore Krumholz Sr, in 1864 – again, the proof of this I continue to seek – a German marriage record would be very nice!
I think it is interesting to note that Agatha was a bride of 24 years old, which seems old to me, for that timeframe.
I wonder what she was doing from 1858-1864… where she was living? Did she work?
The Krumholz family she married into was Catholic, was she as well? Hmmm….
Questions. Questions. Questions.
And alas, no answers.
The Krumholz family immigrated to America in 1877 -- and settled in Illinois, and later Minnesota… The post immigration lives of the Krumholz clan are well documented.
Agatha died of heart problems on 25 April 1904, in Martin County, Minnesota and is buried at the Calvary Cemetery in Fairmont.
She left a large legacy and number of descendants – but her early life remains a mystery…
So… Who was Agatha?
Were her parents actually Joseph Kleinhans & Magdelus Fras?
And if they were – who were they??? Where did they come from? Did Agatha have siblings?
Was she actually born in Hildmannsfeld?
When was she married? Was it indeed 1864?
How did she spend the 6 years of womanhood she experienced before her marriage?
For 20 years I have looked into the Kleinhans surname and always come up empty.
Does anyone have Kleinhans in their family?
I, along with other Krumholz researchers, would love to have further information on this mysterious branch of our family tree.


  1. Hi Nicholas:
    I don't know whether this is of any help but in my favorite Dutch genealogy database there are some 100 documents showing the Kleinhans name. There is even an Agatha with an earliest mention of a birth in 1891. Also the Fras name is in the data base.

    1. Thanks, Peter... I think my branch was in southern Germany, near the border with Alsace Lorraine... but who knows for certain!

    2. In that case I don't think it is useful to mention these two names in my blog. Unless you want me to of course.

  2. Go ahead, Peter, and mention them. I really am not for certain where they came from!

  3. They have been added, Nicholas.