Saturday, May 11, 2013

Itasca County, Minnesota 1880 Census.... Saturday Research Resource for Minnesota

As a genealogist from Minnesota, I take great pride in the many resources our state has in place to aide researchers! Many, like the death index, are very well known, but many many others are not.
So I've decided to spotlight a few of the lesser known greats here, in hopes that I can connect someone with a tool that can use! Since Saturdays are good days to do genealogy (at least for us working folks), I decided to post these links then.

Itasca County, Minnesota
1880 census transcription

Northern Minnesota was still very rural and undeveloped in the 1870s & 1880s... So to find your ancestors listed as residents of this area during that time frame is a great coupe for your genealogy!

If you haven't been able to find your relatives in census records, or don't have access (ie Ancestry), check out their transcription records... the population then was very small, so there aren't many to see!

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