Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Christmas Presents to Myself!

Even though we're two months beyond Black Friday, The Dead Relative Collector is just getting around to the purchases that were made for the home office!

After years of making do with mediocre printers & scanners, it seemed time to make some larger personal purchases!

Scanning my large photo archive and getting it digitally organized has been a longtime goal, that must be seriously tackled in 2017. And while I hope to limit the amount of printing that happens (too much paper!), I want what is printed to be of high quality.

And while I do have a super handy flip scanner for scanning on the go, it seemed time for a high quality flat bed scanner as well.

With the hustle & bustle of the Holiday Season, I never even got the packages opened up until later... and then a nasty bought of influenza after the New Year, that went on for weeks, delayed the setting up process even further.

Now, home office clutter has been tackled and it's time to get the new gadgets up and running! The Dead Relative Collector is excited for how these may aide in the research process.

Did you get any genealogy related gifts/purchases this last season?

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