Thursday, January 19, 2017

TBT- Maine Brothers & Sister of Winnebago

Spotlighting photos from my extensive archive
This week it is--
5 Maine siblings of Winnebago

Left to Right:
Ralph Maine [1872-1939] - my great-great grandfather
Spencer Maine [1860-1928]
Selwyn Maine (sitting) [1862-1952]
Olive Maine [1869-1933]
Irving Maine [1958-1928]

Five other siblings are not in this photograph-- 
Spencer & Irving farmed in Winnebago their entire lives. Selwyn & Ralph also lived in Winnebago & later lived in Northern Minnesota. Olive lived with different relatives over the years & also ran boarding houses throughout Minnesota.

They are the children of Erastus Maine [1823-1895] & Eliza Pierce [1838-1880]

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