Sunday, January 29, 2017

Mystery Photo- Estey Family- Mason City, Iowa

I forget now, just how I came to rescue this nice little portrait... it comes from a Mason City, Iowa photographer.

On the back side, someone took the time identify the 3 children and list their Father & Grandfather--
"Arthur E. Estey
Sylvia A. Estey
Harold W. Estey
Children of C.L. Estey
Son of Colin J. Estey"

A tiny bit of quick research show that Arthur Estey was born about 1898, Sylvia in 1902 and Harold 1910. They were the children of Clarence Luther "C.L." Estey & Carrie Brown. C.L. Estey was the son of Colin J. Estey & Henrietta Nelson. They families lived in Minnesota & Iowa at various points.

Hopefully someone out there is connected to this family & can claim this nice family portrait from the 1910's 


  1. You could learn more about this family by going to and searching for Clarence Luther Estey (or his PID KCBS-VH6). With a free subscription to, you could upload your electronic version of this photo to the FamilySearch photo gallery and then link this photo to each of the three children for their family/grandchildren/cousins to enjoy. You could also create individual portraits from this photo and replace the avatars that are currently being used.

  2. I think this may be the family of my Great Great Grandmother Ada Henrietta Estey. I know that her parents were Colin and Henrietta Nelson DeForce Estey. I suppose this would have been her brother's family. I think it's wonderful that you rescued it and shared it. I agree with the post above, share it so all family members can enjoy it. Thanks again!


    1. Would you or anyone in your family like to have the photo? I like to pass it on to someone else to treasure & maintain. As much as I would like to share it on line in 100 different places, I just don't have the time to do that with all the items I have. But I agree, that it is a great plan. If you'd like the photo, just let me know!

    2. Nicholas, I would love to have the photo. Please contact me regarding any costs at: